Nurses of Southern Regional Hospital

2012 group photograph of a few of the dedicated nursing staff.  

Front View of Regional Hospital

Visit us at Southern Regional Hospital..where you will be greeted by our courteous and professional staff.


Pediatrician along with nurse conducting rounds in nursery ward.

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Areas Covered

Cow Pen
George Town
Maya Beach
Santa Cruz


Mango Walk
San Isidro
Seine Bight


Red Bank
Monkey River
an Roman
Santa Rosa
San Juan








Population: 16,180

Mobile Clinics to most Villages: Prenatal, Postnatal& Health Post

Dr. Consultation at Satellite Clinics:

Independence PCP: Prenatal, General medicine, Pharmacy, Pediatric, Laboratory Service, and Immunization & Emergencies

San Juan Health Center: Prenatal, Immunization, consultation, outpatient, General medicine, Laboratory service, pharmacy, emergencies

Bella Vista Health Center: Immunization, General Medicine, emergencies, pharmacy, Home visit, counseling

Placencia Health Center: Consultations, Prenatal, Blood tests, Emergencies, General Medicines

Seine Bight Health Center: Prenatal, immunization, outpatient, diabetic & hypertensive care, home visit, counseling, tutoring.

Infrastructural Development:

1 Ambulance
2 buildings (Bella Vista, San Juan)
Upgrade Seine Bigh
Placencia New Side Walk
Upgrade Medical Equipment
Security Improvement
Technological Advance



Registration Drives: Health Fair, Advertisement Booth and the Lobster Fest

Total Staff: 40

1 Administrator
3 Rural Health Nurse
7 Practical Nurse
1 Nurse Aid
2 Full time practitioner


3 Part time practitioner
6 Data Entry Clerks
1 Secretary
1 Pharmacist
2 Dispensers


6 Caretakers
1 Store Keepers
3 Securities
3 Drivers











Mrs. Pearl Ellis