Nurses of Southern Regional Hospital

2012 group photograph of a few of the dedicated nursing staff.  

Front View of Regional Hospital

Visit us at Southern Regional Hospital..where you will be greeted by our courteous and professional staff.


Pediatrician along with nurse conducting rounds in nursery ward.

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Toledo District Health Services Delivery Network of Facilities:

  • Nineteen Health Posts to thirty seven Community Health workers
  • Five satellite clinics (Big Falls, Santa Ana, Pueblo Viejo, Santa Teresa and San Pedro Colombia)

  • Two Policlinics I (San Antonio & Punta Gorda)

  • One (Policlinic II) Punta Gorda Community Hospital

  • Two mobile health units

  • One private clinic (Hillside Health Care Center) which operates one mobile unit

Deputy Regional Manager

Mr. Anthony Nicascio
Deputy Reg. Manager

The Punta Gorda Hospital is a 30 bed facility which provides services in General Medicine, Paediatrics and Maternity and Delivery to the entire Toledo District with a population of 14,500 Males and 14,800 Females (2007 Mid year population estimates). Specialist clinics are carried out by visiting specialists from the Southern Regional Hospital. Statistics for the hospital is as follows: Bed Occupancy Rate-23.3%, Admissions-1,571, Discharges-1,569, Total Live Births-393 and Deaths occurring in hospital-14.  There was a total of nine (9) Infant Deaths in the district and no Maternal Death.








First Level of Referral:

Community to Primary Care Provider (PCP)

  • Health Post: Community Health Worker manages or refers to satellite clinic (health centers)

  • General Practitioner at satellite clinic manages cases or refers to Policlinic I

  • Policlinic I level manages or refers to Community Hospital (Policlinic II)

Second Level of Referral
Policlinic II - Community Hospital: Punta Gorda Hospital

  • Receives referrals from the Polyclinic I (PCPs) and directly from Community Health Worker

  • The referral protocol dictates that Community Health Workers are the only ones authorized to make referrals from their communities.

  • Punta Gorda Hospital is Primary Care, its primary function:

    • Assessment

    • Admit

    • Stabalize

    • Treat or refer according to protocols

  • Punta Gorda Hospital manages common illnesses and Ob/gyn cases that do not require specialist interventions and levels of trauma that do not require specialist interventions

  • Prepare patients for referral and ensure that all necessary information (diagnostic results) accompany patient such as lab results, X-rays, EKGs etc.

Third Level of Referral from Policlinic II – To Secondary Care Level (Regional Hospital):

  • Accepts referrals from Policlinic II to ensure quality and continuity of care Note: Policlinic II can refer directly to Tertiary Level

  • Referrals made to Regional Hospitals must be for the level of services offered by the hospital

  • Secondary Level Care Services:

    • General Medicine

    • Internal Medicine

    • General Surgery

    • Paediatrics

    • OBGYN


Toledo has been involved in primary health care since 1981. Primary Health Care addresses the main health problems in the community; providing preventive, curative and rehabilitative services. It includes education about prevailing health problems and the methods of preventing and controlling them.

Promoting the importance of:

  • adequate supply of safe water and basic sanitation
  • pre & postnatal care; family planning
  • immunization against major infectious disease
  • prevention and control of locally endemic diseases, appropriate treatment of common diseases and injuries
  • provision of essential drugs

Our current areas of focus are screening for cervical cancer, improving pre and postnatal care services, improving nutrition, access to safe water, adequate sanitation and hygiene practices by working along with all our communities in Toledo.




During emergencies arising from Hurricanes, Floods, and other natural phenomenon the Toledo District Health Services responds according to its emergency response management plan. The plan forms a part of the National Emergency Management Organizations district level response. The focus of emergency response interventions is to prevent outbreak and spread of diseases, maintain calm and help people to return to normal. Response is lead by the Deputy Regional Health Manager; there must be collaboration & coordination amongst all health service providers in the district .



Mrs. Pearl Ellis

Heads of Department

Sample image B. Raju
Chief of Staff
Southern Regional
Sample image J. Nunez
Nurse in charge
Southern Regional
Sample image T. Jonhston
Lab Technician
Southern Regional
Sample imageM. Asiyanbi
Southern Regional
Sample image E. Paulino
X-Ray Technician
Southern Regional
Sample image A. Oliva
Admin. Assistant
Southern Regional
Sample image R. Duncan
Statistical Clerk
Southern Regional