Nurses of Southern Regional Hospital

2012 group photograph of a few of the dedicated nursing staff.  

Front View of Regional Hospital

Visit us at Southern Regional Hospital..where you will be greeted by our courteous and professional staff.


Pediatrician along with nurse conducting rounds in nursery ward.

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Maternal and Child Health

The program is established with the purpose of facilitating a health care environment where there is an improved access, coverage and quality of basic care for mothers and children.

Services Provided are:

  1. Pre and Postnatal integrated health care for women: this includes the monitoring and management of normal pregnancy, gynecological and obstetric pathologies
  2. Child Health: - Vaccination of children against immuo preventable diseases
    - Provision of micronutrients for children namely – vitamin A and iron supplements
    - Surveillance of immuno - preventable diseases in children
    - The prevention and control of HIV transmission from mother-to-child
    - Prevention and control of Acute Respiratory Infections
  3. Sexual and Reproductive Health Services

The aim of this service is to provide reproductive health care based on specific reproductive health needs of individuals and the community.

The services are delivered through a network of eight urban and thirty-seven rural health centers that are staffed by Public Health Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Rural Health Nurses, Domestic Auxiliaries and Driver/Mechanics. Community Nursing Aides and Traditional Birth Attendants form an important link between the programme and the community

Health Promotion

The Health Education and Community Participation Bureau (HECOPAB) is the health promotion arm of the Ministry of Health with responsibility to plan, coordinate and implement health promotion programmes, projects, interventions and activities throughout Belize. 
HECOPAB was established in 1983 with technical and financial support from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Health promotion aims to contribute to the improvement of the health of individuals and communities. It is a strategy within Primary Health Care that fosters community involvement/partnership, group behavioral change and promotes healthy lifestyle.

The services include: Health Education to Primary and secondary School and Communities. Monthly training with CNA’s, and coordinating International Health Day Activities.

The Priority areas of focus are HIV/AIDS, Road Safety, Cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension, Domestic Violence, Inter-ministerial/Inter-agency coordination.

Environmental Health/Vector Control

The Environmental Health Unit is one of the preventive medicine arms of the Ministry of Health. It is mandated to contribute to the provision of healthy living and working conditions for the Belizean population. This is to be achieved through collaboration with related sectors (ministries, departments, units and communities) intra and multi-sectoral coordination and active community participation..

The priority areas are: Vector Control, Food Safety, Water Quality, Solid Waste Management, Sewage and Liquid Waste Management, Rabies Control, Communicable Disease, Acute Pesticides Intoxication, Premises Inspection, Public Health Complaints.

The Vector Control Program has the responsibility for maintaining a healthy environment that provides for the prevention and control of Malaria, Chagas and Dengue.

Services Provided:

    Indoor spraying against the Malaria vector
    Outdoor spraying with ULV against the Dengue vector
    Diagnosis and treatment of Malaria and Dengue cases
    Surveillance of the vector
    Health education and promotion

Mental Health

The mental health program serves the needs of persons with mental disorders, enhances their quality of life and creates networks that guarantee the delivery of care within the community. The services provided are organized and implemented throughout the country at the three levels of care.

Out- patient Services

  • Crisis Intervention
  • Individual therapeutic work
  • Therapeutic work with families
  • Mobile Clinics
  • In-patient Service:
  • Acute care in all general hospitals
  • Consultation Liaison
  • Community Services:
  • Outreach Program
  • Ancillary Services

  • Dental

    The purpose of the Dental Program is to promote lifestyles that will reduce dental decay, dental diseases and to diagnose and manage dental decay and associated morbidity.

    The principal services provided include the following:

  • Attention to pregnant women
  • Outreach mobile clinics to rural areas
  • Dental health education through mass media
  • Urban and rural school visits
  • In-patient surgical services
    Mrs. Pearl Ellis

    Heads of Department

    Sample image M. Reyes
    Southern Regional
    Sample image T. Tillett
    Social Worker
    Southern Regional
    Sample image E. Carlos
    Senior PHI
    Southern Regional
    Sample imageA. Valerio
    Vector Control
    Southern Regional
    Sample image J. Avila
    Mental Health Nurse
    Southern Regional
    Sample image E. Martinez
    MCH Nurse
    Southern Regional